My Bucket List

Whitewater Rafting
Get SCUBA certified

Explore Utah’s Canyons (Moab Cliffs & Canyons)
Ice Trek Moreno Glacier in Argentina (Hielo y Aventuro)
Stay in an Ice Hotel
Zip2000 in South Africa (world’s highest and fastest zipline)
Watch July 4th Fireworks in Boston from the water
Visit Stonehenge
See Rainforest
Visit Viet Cong Tunnels
Stay in an Underwater Hotel
Scuba Dive
Swim Under Waterfall

See the Northern Lights
Ride on a Dogsled
Ice Swim in Finland
Tundra buggy
African Safari
Trek through the Rainforest
Scandinavian dog-sledding
Songkran in Thailand
Hike Diamond Head
Swim in the Dead Sea
Inca Trail
Hot Air Balloon Festival
Cliffs of Moher
Walk the Tibetan Bridge
Hike in a Desert
Natural Habitat Expedition in Antarctica
Ride an Elephant
Horseback Riding
Start a Successful Business
Mud Bath
Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia
Attend Hogwarts in Poland
Swim with Wild Dolphins
Plant a Tree and Watch it Grow
Publish a Book
Embark on a Trip with no Itinerary
Victoria Falls
Live in Another Country for 6 Months
See a Rocket Launch
Spend Two Weeks in the Wild
See Cherry Blossoms in Japan
Ride the Schwebebahn in Germany
Eat at Ristorante Grotta Palazzese in Italy
Great Ocean Walk and Drive in Australia
Climb a Silo
Go Volcano-Boarding
Mammoth Cave in Kentucky
Visit a Volcano
Camp on a Volcano
Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef


  1. I think your bucket list could be exactly like mine. I will have to experience everything from your eyes and thoughts.

    Have a great journey,

    Be Safe

  2. Thanks for reading! 🙂

    • I am probably rediang these out of order, but so far very interesting you seem so very motivated. I will pass your blog on to fellow new yorkers, I have relocated to VA now, former Jersey girl. I am loving your blogs though!!

      • Thanks! I will be adding a lot of new content soon! The winter/spring was a busy time for me, but my travels are beginning again. I can’t wait! Thanks for reading.

  3. Give me enough of a heads up to get in better shape for it and I’ll do the Inca Trail with you!! 😛 That one is fairly high on my BL!

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